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Livre numérique Looking For Non-publics

The near-militant voluntarism of the active players in cultural mediation engenders certain expectations: after a large investment in cultural creation is it not justifiable to aspire to reach the largest possible audience? Nine researchers from France, ... Plus

Livre numérique Ecosystem Management in the Boreal Forest

The book includes a review of major disturbance regimes that shape the natural dynamics of the boreal forest and gives examples from different Canadian boreal regions. Plus

An Economic and Geographical Perspective
Langue English
Livre numérique Urban World History

Does the urbanization's long history present identifiable regularities through time and space? Are there long run trends in the development process? In the complex evolution of human societies are there other determining factors than political decisions, ... Plus

Livre numérique Iceland and Images of the North

With a radically changing world, cultural identity and images have emerged as one of the most challenging issues in the social and cultural sciences. These changes provide an occasion for a thorough reexamination of cultural, historical, political, ... Plus

Livre numérique Marine Renewable Energies

The ocean is a huge reservoir of renewable energy sources, such as wind, currents, tides, waves, marine biomass, thermal energy, osmotic power, and so on. Like other maritime nations in Europe, ... Plus

Livre numérique Landscape: from Knowledge to Action

This book is a collection of the contributions of researchers who have analysed examples of landscape actions, primarily in Europe, on the basis of actual experiences. Plus

Approaches and Lessons from Developing and Transitional Countries
Quae - 01/08/2006
Langue English
Livre numérique Water Governance for Sustainable Development

The book examines how water policies, institutions and governance have shifted in recent years from supply-driven, quantitative, centrally controlled management to more demand-sensitive, decentralized participatory approaches. Plus

Livre numérique Biodiversity and Local Ecological Knowledge in France

The knowledge of nature held by autochthonous and local communities has been the subject of international talks, notably on biodiversity, but has primarily been studied from an autochthonous angle. Plus

Livre numérique Éléments pour une politique de réduction des émissions d'ammoniac d'origine agricole en France. Considerations for a Policy to Reduce Ammonia Emissions from Agriculture in France

This report briefly describes the sources of emissions of ammonia gas and their impact on the environment, on the cycle and use of nitrogen in the soil and on human and animal health. Plus

Livre numérique Supporting Small-scale Farmers and Rural Organisations: Learning from Experiences in West Africa

This handbook elucidates approaches and methodologies that proved to be successful in West Africa. While tackling far-reaching issues, the focus remains on empowering the small-scale farmer at local level. Plus

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