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Livre numérique Diffusion and transfer of knowledge in agriculture

This book focuses on innovation in the agri-food system and the new paradigm drawn by bioeconomic approaches and principles. Plus

Livre numérique The European social model

The crisis has brought social issues back to the center of European debates: the European social model is once again a central stake. The model that encourages and structures social dialogue, ... Plus

Livre numérique The Teddy (Bear) Whisperer

author : Stéphane Ternoise Translated by Kate-Marie Glover (http://www.frenchauthor. The Teddy (Bear) Whisperer Act 1 The little girl, sitting up in bed, ... Plus

Livre numérique Biodiversity and Local Ecological Knowledge in France

The knowledge of nature held by autochthonous and local communities has been the subject of international talks, notably on biodiversity, but has primarily been studied from an autochthonous angle. Plus

Livre numérique Qualité du matériel forestier de reproduction et application des directives communautaires

What is the situation concerning the application of Community directives related to the genetic quality of forest trees? Researchers and administrators take a look at the impact of the evolution of knowledge on this subject. Plus

Livre numérique Dictionnaire des agents pathogènes des plantes cultivées

Ce Dictionnaire des noms d'agents pathogènes a été conçu dans le cadre du Dictionnaire de l'agriculture multilingue, réalisé au Muséum national d'histoire naturelle. 300 virus, 300 champignons, 84 bactéries, ... Plus

Livre numérique Illustrated key to west-paleartic genera

Pteromalids develop as parasites of various stages of other insects or spiders. They are represented in the West-Palearctic region (Europe, North Africa and part of the Middle East) by 16 subfamilies, 221 genera with 10 subgenera, ... Plus

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