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Livre numérique European corporate cultures challenged by a new world

Talking about culture in France... Art, literature, theater and the like immediately come to mind, without really lingering over the fundamental role culture plays as a constituent element of the societal link. Schools, ... Plus

Livre numérique Strategic Purchasing Roadmap

Purchases from external suppliers represent 20% and up to 80% of companies' total revenue and keeping these expenses down is a critical issue for global financial performance and competitiveness. As a Plus

Livre numérique The European social model

The crisis has brought social issues back to the center of European debates: the European social model is once again a central stake. The model that encourages and structures social dialogue, ... Plus

A Three Star*** Career Guide
Éditions EMS - 01/09/2011
Langue English
Livre numérique Managing Careers at Michelin

At a time of increasing debate over the advantages of careers in big companies, here is a view from the inside of what takes place at Michelin. This legendary company, renowned throughout the world but still with a strong family grass-roots identity, ... Plus

Livre numérique Professional Competencies for Accompanying Change

Using a frame of reference developed in the field of education, this book proposes eight professional competencies required to accompany change. Practiced in context, in interaction with others, and in harmony with the workplace, ... Plus

Livre numérique Professional Accompaniment Model for Change

Increasing globalization, new technologies, and the updating of competencies have considerably impacted the workplace. Major change requires staff to adapt quickly to new situations. Plus

Livre numérique Project Design: Strategic Information

Projects constantly actualize the organization’s strategy, as project management aims to bridge the gap between the current state and an ideal state. Plus

Livre numérique Guide to Reflective Thinking on University Learning Strategies

Each section of this guide includes a brief introduction to the list of strategies (affective, personal resources management, information management); a guide to reflective thinking consisting of statements of understandings, ... Plus

Livre numérique The Structured Interview

In this book, the authors present the most current knowledge and techniques regarding the selection interview. They provide a practical guide which takes into consideration numerous organizational constraints. Plus

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