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Church Architecture During the British Colonial Period 1760-1860
Langue English
Livre numérique Montreal, City of Spires

By situating the church architecture within the cultural dynamic of Montreal, ... Plus

Livre numérique Bibliography of Canadian Inuit Periodicals

Cette bibliographie annotée et bilingue dresse le bilan des magazines, revues, ... Plus

Livre numérique Ecosystem Management in the Boreal Forest

The book includes a review of major disturbance regimes that shape the natural dynamics of the boreal forest and gives examples from different Canadian boreal regions. Plus

Livre numérique Professional Competencies for Accompanying Change

Using a frame of reference developed in the field of education, this book proposes eight professional competencies required to accompany change. Practiced in context, in interaction with others, and in harmony with the workplace, ... Plus

Livre numérique Professional Accompaniment Model for Change

Increasing globalization, new technologies, and the updating of competencies have considerably impacted the workplace. Major change requires staff to adapt quickly to new situations. Plus

Livre numérique Illustrated Guide of Insects and Mites on Vegetable Crops in the Lesser Antilles

This guide for farmers, technicians and students, permit to recognize main insects and mites (pests and beneficials) on vegetable crops in the Lesser Antilles. Many photographs, with a simple text, ... Plus

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