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Livre numérique How to successfully complete your DBA?

This book entitled How to successfully complete your DBA? (Doctorate in Business Administration) aims to answer the questions of managers who wish to gain perspective, ... Plus

Livre numérique Discovering new Theories

This book proposes an original research approach, a mixed typological research design, which is in the legacy of classic Grounded Theory. Plus

Livre numérique Diffusion and transfer of knowledge in agriculture

This book focuses on innovation in the agri-food system and the new paradigm drawn by bioeconomic approaches and principles. Plus

Livre numérique The Extraordinary Adventures of Dragonette in Paris

After having buried her unfaithful husband and sold her château to repay her debts, Countess Dragonette of Holdmetight decides to go to Paris to find work. She’s a confirmed optimist with no inhibitions, believing in her lucky star, ... Plus

Livre numérique Qualitative Research & Creativity

How can qualitative studies meet the challenges posed by new communications technologies and changes in consumer behaviour and attitudes? What is the impact of neuroscience research, the internet, social networks, ... Plus

Quality Management Based on the San Gen Shugi Attitude
Maxima - 09/07/2015
Langue English
Livre numérique Perfect QRQC - Prevention, standardization, coaching

QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) is one of the most powerful tools of Quality Management. It makes it easier to solve most of the manufacturing and functional problems in a simple and logical way. Volume 1 presented QRQC initial steps (Detection, ... Plus

Livre numérique Bartleby, the scrivener

"Flee, but fleeing, get a gun", Gilles Deleuze, about Bartleby. The Unbelievable – a collection of some of the greatest english or american selected fantastic stories. And particularly if they talk about writing itself. Plus

Livre numérique The figure in the carpet

"Did you ever read Henry James? He was a great writer who came to Venice and looked out the window and smoked his cigar and thought." Ernest The Unbelievable – a collection of some of the greatest english or american selected fantastic ... Plus

Livre numérique The hill of dreams

"And above all his memorable epic of the sensitive aesthetic mind, The Hill of Dreams, in which the youthful hero responds to the magic of that ancient Welsh environment which is the author's own, and lives a dream-life in the Roman city of Isca Silurum, ... Plus

Livre numérique The ways of ghosts

"In Bierce, the evocation of horror becomes for the first time, nos much the prescription or perversion of Poe and Maupassant, but an atmospher definite and uncannily precise. Words, ... Plus

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