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Auteur : Don Bapst
Publication :15/06/2011
Langue :English
Pages :520
Éditeur :Éditions Textes Gais
ISBN :9782363070494
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Don Bapst

Victor dear,
I have a project that you won’t be able to turn down. Last week, Richard Dowling had the nerve to take me aside after a tedious financial meeting to ask if I had a “little desk job” his son could fill for a couple of months to “break him in.”
Jamie is a charming young thing (if you go for the barely pubescent virginal type). Get here right away, sweep the little baby off his feet, fuck his brains out till he begs for more.
When you get a glimpse of Jamie Dowling, you’ll see this is no dreary chore I’m assigning you. And as if that weren’t enticement enough, you can always count on the night of hot sex I’ll serve you upon completion of your little PR assignment.

Also available in a French or bilingual edition. All three versions are followed by Dangerous Liaisons (in French) by Choderlos de Laclos.

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